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The Dundee Bistro – Can never go wrong here.

We are getting through the last of the oldies and are going to start new this Friday (don’t know where we are going yet) We love this place, and now that they are old enough Aidan and Lowell love it too.  We always hit it for lunch either on our way to or from the beach. The food is consistently good, they are nice to the dudes (even though there are never many kids when we are there), and they almost always have a clam or mussel dish, which means the dudes will always be happy (and wine for mom and dad, which makes us happy)IMG_5425 2.  The pizza is good, and the burger is awesome although for whatever reason Lowell and Aidan are not into burgers.  ?????  Love, love, love the Dundee Bistro!

Fogo de Chao

So this was Aidan and Lowell’s first encounter with a Brazilian steak house.  It was about a month ago.  Dudes are five and a half now.  They were very excited about the salad bar, which came first.  Then the meat started coming, and coming, and coming.  The dudes didn’t quite get the whole concept, and after a few rounds of meat slices Aidan asked “When we order dinner?”  They were totally meated out, so we let them go back to the salad bar.  Overall, this was not one of their favorites but we don’t think it had anything to do with the quality – our guys just aren’t heavy duty carnivores.  They like a variety.  For the adults, again, it was good, but it was A LOT of meat.  They tell you to lay low with the salad bar and make room for the meat, but personally we would have gone heavier on the salad bar (they have shrimp, salmon, pasta salads, salamis, cheese, peppers, etc.) and go lighter on the meat.  We seemed to keep getting the same meats, but that also could be that Aidan and Lowell like to dine very early, so they may not have had everything ready by 5:00.   photo-2.jpg

Verde Cocina!!!

Ok, our boys were being daring in this photo, but when we come here they always order the cheesy eggs, guacamole and tortillas, and beans.  For us adults, their chili relleno is to die for (not the chili relleno you are used to, but even better!  Who knew anyone could take such healthy fruit and veggies, sauté it and make it so delicious, and the goat cheese is a refreshing change), along with their seafood stew or paella.  Hit and miss as far as how long the food takes, so we always bring back up toys for the dudes, but always worth the wait.  Get there early, parking is a bitch anytime after 5:30.  (We will review Sasquatch later, which is next door)

Sho. The best sushi in Southwest Portland!

If Aidan and Lowell had their way, they would come here every week.  Hands down, Sho is their most requested and loved restaurant.  They have been coming here since they were 2 1/2 years old.  Their first dish was the eel sushi.  They ate it up.  Our favorite Sho story was when we ordered them the Udon noodles, failing to remember that it is served with a dollop of wasabi.  Aidan ate the whole dollop and had to spend a little time outside recovering from his foaming green mouth with dad.  When he got back, mom tried to be helpful with some sushi that she had (she hadn’t ordered it before) that had cream cheese and other stuff that seemed harmless enough.  Not realizing that the bright red roe on top was “fiery red roe” Aidan proceeded to shovel the roe in his mouth.  Back outside with dad.  I was sure we were going home but the trooper came back in and ate some cucumber and tuna roll and all was good.  This place is so nice to kids, and the service and staff and the owner Katzu are great people.  Warning though, sitting at the sushi bar can be a little iffy with young children – stick to the booths.