Stars Steak House

This place was a quaint, small, local restaurant with great service and an amazing staff treated our boys really well. We got there just in time, when we were leaving there was a line and wait to get in. Now in this restaurants defense, our boys are pretty much fooded out, but they did absolutely love the buttered bread, and when we say “buttered bread” we mean bread drenched in a pool of butter with salt on top. If they had their way they would’ve eaten only that. But they enjoyed their catfish, they loved the bread pudding, and they liked the seafood gumbo. We were a little bit surprised that they were out of shrimp. As Mark commented – it’s like a pizza place being out of pepperoni. But overall it was a very enjoyable meal and the boys had a great time!






Aidan will be starting with the sweet breads and having the seared tuna for his entre. Lolo is going to have his first frog legs followed by some crispy chicken. I can’t wait to see how this plays out!!! Ok, so the sweet breads were a hit, the frog legs not so much, and both dudes weren’t that impressed with their entres, although Aidan somewhat liked the duck. We tried. The dudes were much more impressed with Arnaud’s.