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Fogo de Chao

So this was Aidan and Lowell’s first encounter with a Brazilian steak house.  It was about a month ago.  Dudes are five and a half now.  They were very excited about the salad bar, which came first.  Then the meat started coming, and coming, and coming.  The dudes didn’t quite get the whole concept, and after a few rounds of meat slices Aidan asked “When we order dinner?”  They were totally meated out, so we let them go back to the salad bar.  Overall, this was not one of their favorites but we don’t think it had anything to do with the quality – our guys just aren’t heavy duty carnivores.  They like a variety.  For the adults, again, it was good, but it was A LOT of meat.  They tell you to lay low with the salad bar and make room for the meat, but personally we would have gone heavier on the salad bar (they have shrimp, salmon, pasta salads, salamis, cheese, peppers, etc.) and go lighter on the meat.  We seemed to keep getting the same meats, but that also could be that Aidan and Lowell like to dine very early, so they may not have had everything ready by 5:00.   photo-2.jpg