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Aidan ordered the fresh fish, and Lowell ordered the duck with blueberry sauce. They ended up trading but they loved it. The bacon wrapped deep-fried oysters were to die for along with the deviled eggs and pretty much everything else we ate. By far the best meal that we’ve had so far. The dudes wore their first suits to this family dinner, and only got a little bit of food all over them!!






Aidan will be starting with the sweet breads and having the seared tuna for his entre. Lolo is going to have his first frog legs followed by some crispy chicken. I can’t wait to see how this plays out!!! Ok, so the sweet breads were a hit, the frog legs not so much, and both dudes weren’t that impressed with their entres, although Aidan somewhat liked the duck. We tried. The dudes were much more impressed with Arnaud’s.









This is not the dudes first time year, but it’s the first time since they started blogging. Great casual atmosphere, and the staff are always great. The food is consistently good, and for dinner it’s great for trying things and sharing because it’s small plates. We are here for lunch and they don’t have the small plates, so the boys got PoBoys (crawfish for Aidan and Shrimp for Lowell). Mom got the Gumbo and dad got the Muffaletta. Everything was wonderful, although the Gumbo had a little too much heat for the dudes. And after the corn bread, sweet potato fries and garlic bread the dudes could barely eat their sandwiches!