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Oak & Olive

Well, we finally have a new restaurant in Hillsdale.  We got there at 5:00 and by the time we got our first dish it was packed.  VERY kid friendly, wide open layout, and they really love olive oil (the shirts the dudes wore are ruined). It’s busy, full of kids – definitely not the place to go for your romantic dinner, but the dudes loved it and the food was pretty good.  Lolo got the green olive pizza, which was a hit, and Aidan got the smoked salmon ravioli, also a hit.  The Muffaletta was “too spicy” for them, but we picked up the slack.  You order at the counter and then sit, but everything went smoothly.  Overall quite pleased.  The dudes will be back! 


Verde Cocina!!!

Ok, our boys were being daring in this photo, but when we come here they always order the cheesy eggs, guacamole and tortillas, and beans.  For us adults, their chili relleno is to die for (not the chili relleno you are used to, but even better!  Who knew anyone could take such healthy fruit and veggies, sauté it and make it so delicious, and the goat cheese is a refreshing change), along with their seafood stew or paella.  Hit and miss as far as how long the food takes, so we always bring back up toys for the dudes, but always worth the wait.  Get there early, parking is a bitch anytime after 5:30.  (We will review Sasquatch later, which is next door)