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Casa Vaca Taqueria, Part II

So, the dudes have blogged about Casa Vaca before, but this was before they started serving brunch on the weekends.  Of course we had to try it!  Lowell got the eggs Benedict, which looked absolutely amazing – he even devoured the spinach! Mom got the breakfast enchiladas which were to die for, and dad got the huevos rancheros which were also amazing. But the winner was Aidan’s Tres Leches French toast. Oh. My. God. This one I made sure to try even though I was stuffed and it was the best thing ever created. It was decadent, delicious, all around perfect.  But adults beware, you may need to wear your stretchy pants to this one. Their mimosas are pretty darn good too!  Finally, as always, everyone there is super nice and it is so family friendly and easy to go with kids!!  We love Casa Vaca!!!  Their brunch menu is on their website.  http://www.casavacapdx.com/menu

Broder Soder

This place is the best thing to happen to Southwest Portland in a decade.  Amazing food that you probably haven’t had before, wonderful staff, kid friendly but relaxing for the grown ups too, and for us Southwest Portlanders, we now don’t have to cross a river to enjoy it!  Aidan got the “hot dog” – the true name is more than my brain can handle (Tunnbrodsrulle).  OH MY LORD!  It was basically a hot dog in a wrap filled with a shrimp salad and a potato pancake, and yes, not only did it work but it was delicious!!  (Aidan’s pick). Lolo got the crepe, which is more his style and which he thoroughly enjoyed, dad got the Smorrbrod (sandwich trio), which he said were very good as long as you are willing to expand your horizons a bit.  Not flavors we are used to.  I tried to get everyone to share some cream herring salad with me, but I was all alone on that one.  It was a giant hit!  We actually went there awhile back but mom’s been behind, but now has to update the dudes’ blog because we are due to go again!!  

Sho. The best sushi in Southwest Portland!

If Aidan and Lowell had their way, they would come here every week.  Hands down, Sho is their most requested and loved restaurant.  They have been coming here since they were 2 1/2 years old.  Their first dish was the eel sushi.  They ate it up.  Our favorite Sho story was when we ordered them the Udon noodles, failing to remember that it is served with a dollop of wasabi.  Aidan ate the whole dollop and had to spend a little time outside recovering from his foaming green mouth with dad.  When he got back, mom tried to be helpful with some sushi that she had (she hadn’t ordered it before) that had cream cheese and other stuff that seemed harmless enough.  Not realizing that the bright red roe on top was “fiery red roe” Aidan proceeded to shovel the roe in his mouth.  Back outside with dad.  I was sure we were going home but the trooper came back in and ate some cucumber and tuna roll and all was good.  This place is so nice to kids, and the service and staff and the owner Katzu are great people.  Warning though, sitting at the sushi bar can be a little iffy with young children – stick to the booths.